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JFD is our name
It stands for "Just Fair & Direct"

A warm welcome to those of you whom have always been looking for a Just Fair & Direct partner to preserve and grow your wealth.
You have now found it.
Indeed, at JFD Wealth, our calling is to deliver sophisticated retail investors a non-discriminatory, cost effective and risk-averse access to the financial markets through an array of products and services typically reserved to the private banking client base elite. That is our true differentiator and we very much pride ourselves upon it.
While retail investors are becoming more sophisticated and demanding, their access to world-class services and products remains extremely limited, if not strictly cut-off. Retail high street banks excel at imprisoning their clients within closed architectures composed of sub-optimal investment products. As one size seems to fit all and pre-defined mass market targets are the name of the game, personal services and customisation remain virtually inexistent, an unfortunate problematic which is unheard of by the elite, namely by private banking clients. 
As it has already happened within the food and beverages industry where the mid and high end markets are discarding fast/junk fooding at the benefit of organic, fresh and sustainable alternatives, we predict major business & technology transformations will soon affect the financial services industry thanks to mutualisation coupled with customisation. More than mere predictions, with JFD Wealth we intend to fill the gap by enabling sophisticated retail investors to reconsider retail high street banks, and instead embrace an un-restricted access to world-class services and products via our uniquely client-centric proprietary and open architecture solution suite.
Are asset managers and independent financial advisors not part of the answer? Yes they are, to some extent. Highly specialised asset management institutions are certainly seeking for new assets and capable of managing these, yet they remain very exclusive and do not have the capacity to distribute/support mass markets, while independent financial advisors benefit from unmatched client proximity but are often less versatile than private banks and address relatively restricted client bases. The JFD 360 OPEN ARCHITECTURE represents the most efficient and well-rounded solution with respect to overcoming such limitations.
If mutualised, your personal savings would be worth billions, probably as much if not more than those currently managed by private banks worldwide. That is why we strongly believe that the future of the financial services industry lies in the development of added value services addressing the mass markets. As the mass markets have always been an inner part of our DNA, we decided to attract to the JFD Group a team composed of world-class Private Banking, Asset Management, Quants and Research professionals sharing our values and devoted to structure JFD Wealth - our fully regulated, democratic and risk-averse Asset & Wealth Management division.

One of our clients, an SME business owner preparing an exit to enjoy his well deserved retirement, once stated “my retail high street bank offered me to lose in 20 years what I managed to earn in 20 years…”. We intend to change that game and, together with our valued clients and partners, are ready to turn this No-Business zone into The Business zone, full stop.

We have learned that success comes from taking great care of clients and partners. Hence, we shall be fully committed to your success and are confident JFD Wealth will provide the levels of services that will facilitate your most personal financial goals. For this reason, every single one of us at JFD Wealth are very much looking forward to kick-starting a long-term and successful relationship with you, and are more ready than anyone within this industry to exceed your expectations today, tomorrow and far into the future.

We are JFD Wealth, your life long financial partner of choice.

Lars GOTTWIK - Partner & CEO
Lars GOTTWIK - Partner & CEO