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If your busy business and personal daily schedule does not allow you to be involved in managing your investment portfolio, you may delegate the management of your investments to  our discretionary portfolio management team. You will enjoy the benefits of  an efficient, convenient, cost-effective service based our global research and investment experience, that will fully satisfy your financial goals.

Based on your individual investment needs, our discretionary portfolio management service offers you:

Diversified team of portfolio managers and investment professionals

Your investment plan will be managed by our JFD Wealth investments team, consisting of top analysts as well as investment managers. In order to meet your objectives through an optimal investment plan, we will carefully select the appropriate investments funds, stocks, structured products and strategies in an open-architecture platform. Our commitment to deliver the  investments solution that uniquely fits your profile, means that we are un-biased when selecting among in-house and third-party talent in the process of building your portfolio. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will  jointly and objectively set the guidelines for the management of your discretionary mandate.

Global research and investment capabilities of the highest caliber

In today’s challenging and fast changing environment, you need to ensure that your investment strategies take into account a large range of parameters in order to achieve a solid and consistent risk/return ratio.

It is therefore extremely important for us to work with meticulous and experienced research specialists in the effort to deliver the highest quality of service. Their knowledge and expertise provides the stand for JFD wealth investment policy and enables our investment managers to build market reactive and timely portfolios.

Whether you have chosen a self-managed or delegated mandate, you have direct access to :

  • Macroeconomics
  • Currencies
  • Fixed income
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Technical analysis
  • Investment strategy

Please refer to JFD RESEARCH to discover more about this service.

State of the Art Investment Techniques and Technology

Measuring the sources of risk and taking steps to address it while at the same time achieving the highest possible return for the portfolio,  is a key concept of our investment policy. We believe that both quantitative and qualitative factors are important in assessing risk and optimizing return, and we therefore employ ourselves to maintain a proactive approach in evaluating these parameters.

A disciplined and well structured approach is our main focus when it comes to delivering an optimal investment solution with a medium to long term view. Diversification, tactical and strategic asset allocation is at the heart of our investment process to shape portfolios, which reflect realistic rewards and asymmetric compensation for their inherent risks.

Wide Range of Investment Solutions

Whether you are seeking capital growth, income or have a balanced approach in mind, at JFD Wealth we will ensure that you receive the best possible solutions through our open architecture platform. We design asset-allocation strategies that consider your investment objectives and JFD’s investment views.

We create bespoke unique plans  tailored to clients’ specific needs and requirements including, but not limited to, the size of investment, access to funds, risk appetite, investment goals, achievable targets and a number of other factors.

We align investment strategies and solutions to meet your individual investment needs and goals, choosing among a wide range of Classic and Special Mandates. Moreover, for larger portfolios, your mandate may be defined based on unique investment solutions tailored to address specific requirements.

With Constant Oversight and Decision-Making as well as Regular Reporting and Statements to Keep you Fully Up-to-Date, we ensure that your portfolio remains on track to achieve your financial goals and that it is always at the right place at the right time.

Classic and Special Mandates

  • Classic Mandates

    These are pre-determined investment solutions designed to best fit different investors’ profiles through four  distinct strategic asset allocation profiles, tactical asset allocation, and selection of securities and investment instruments.

    Whether you are seeking Wealth Preservation, Income Generation, Wealth Accumulation or Dynamic Wealth Growth, as outlined in Investment Profiles and Corresponding Portfolio Asset Allocation Strategies in Identifying  Your Financial Needs section, the key to our success lies in the fact that we fully understand your objectives and serve them successfully under all market environments.

  • Special Mandates

    For investors who are looking for innovative investment strategies to manage and diversify the risk while enhancing their portfolio returns, we have gone a step beyond the classic mandates by developing and managing highly sophisticated and unique investment solutions based on different trading strategies such as counter trend, trend following, price action and high frequency trading techniques that use different timeframes and asset classes, easily adapting to changes in the current fast changing and dynamic financial markets. These special mandates are explained in greater detail under  Basket Strategy & Other Quant Strategies and Discretionary Managed Accounts.

    Furthermore, for larger portfolios, your investments can be tailored to meet more specific needs. Customized mandates offered upon request may cover particular requirements and investment themes, such as Absolute Return, Foreign-Exchange and Systematic Strategies.

For more information regarding our discretionary Wealth Management Mandates and fees involved, please contact Your Support.

Constant Oversight and Decision-Making

With the aim of ensuring that your portfolio remains on track with achieving your financial objectives, we will continue to oversee the investment of your wealth as a whole, through rebalancing the overall portfolio from time to time, or taking advantage of new opportunities that may arise.

Regular Reporting and Statements to Keep you Fully Up-to-Date

Through our discretionary mandates offering, you can rest assured knowing that your wealth will be expertly managed according to your specific investment goals and risk tolerance, and supported with timely updates and meaningful reporting.

We bring to you any arising exciting opportunities and any inherent risks involved, as well as how these can be incorporated in a discretionary mandate in a simple and transparent manner.

We ensure that you are clearly and continuously informed through detailed reports and frequent, personal meetings, so that you always feel in touch with your investments and in control of your wealth.