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Your Limitations

Retail high street banks excel at imprisoning their clients within closed architectures composed of sub-optimal investment products. As one size seems to fit all and pre-defined mass market targets are the name of the game, personal services and customisation remain virtually inexistent, an unfortunate problematic which is unheard of by the elite, namely by private banking clients.

Highly specialised asset management institutions remain very exclusive and do not have the capacity to distribute/support mass markets, while independent financial advisors benefit from unmatched client proximity but are often less versatile than private banks and address relatively restricted client bases.

JFD 360 Open Architecture Solution

We predict major business & technology transformations will soon affect the financial services industry thanks to mutualisation coupled with customisation. With JFD Wealth we intend to fill the gap between private banks, asset managers and independent financial advisors by bringing the best of all worlds under JFD's 360° OPEN ARCHITECTURE in order to enable sophisticated retail investors to reconsider retail high street banks, and instead embrace an un-restricted access to world-class services and product via our uniquely client-centric proprietary and open architecture solution suite.

JFD's 360° OPEN ARCHITECTURE represents the most efficient and well-rounded solution with respect to overcoming any possible limitations. Based on a non-discriminatory open architecture, we provide all investors, from sophisticated retail to institutionals, a direct access to the best products available on the market without any conflicts of interest.

Wealth Architecture

In addition, understanding and effectively managing the combination of three crucial functions, namely Research, Analysis and Execution, puts JFD Wealth ahead of the game of controlling risk and fees throughout the cycle of the investing and rebalancing process.


We are connected to the financial markets 24/24, 5/7 and our highly-qualified research specialists monitor the most important developments around the world. We are therefore in the position to provide you with current analysis covering all asset classes, aiming to identify potential risks as well apply effective risk management.


Cooperating with the most prestigious investment bankers globally, enables us to always make the optimal investment decision given any time horizon. Our decision making framework is free of any conflict of interest as we work on the principle of Open Architecture, focusing on minimising client portfolio risk and maximising its performance.


We invest more in technology than in marketing, and we predict that the future of the industry of wealth management will follow us in that belief. As a result of focusing on continuously upgrading our technology, the cost efficiency of our execution process keeps improving over time, thus contributing significantly towards enhancing client performance.


In conclusion, our holistic approach allows us to act timely and efficiently along the investment chain, from the identification of an investment opportunity, to the analysis, decision and execution of the trade. In today’s competitive financial markets, implementing a transversal architecture, as opposed to most of our competitors who would only cover one link of the chain, is the key to achieving a true optimal risk/fees infrastructure for your immediate and sole benefit.

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