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JFD Wealth’s Basket Strategy focuses predominantly on the risk side of the trading rather than on chasing high performance (the performance of the strategy is achieved as a result from following tight risk settings), thus offering ideal tool for hedging against risk, as well as for diversification purposes of your personal investment portfolio.

We have created a sophisticated combination of varying Trading Styles and Strategies, Cover Price Action, Countertrend and Trend Following approaches (in various asset classesand timeframes), in order to achieve a risk-adjusted performance. The result is an institutional type of risk management, with conservative risk settings regarding maximum daily, weekly and monthly loss.


Basket Strategy


JFD Basket Strategy was developed to manage and diversify risk while trading FX and CFD instruments.

It uses various trading strategies, so that it can easily adapt to changes in the quick and dynamic field of financial markets. The strategy consists of more than 10 short and long-term trading styles, developed and managed by automated systems, a professional team of proprietary traders, and experienced risk managers with a proven track record.

JFD Basket Strategy is a unique investment solution that meets a wide range of business and investment requirements, in order to provide superior results and world-class delivery.







The Basket system is a unique revenue model that works by aiming to provide a long-term oriented approach for stable and consistent profits, balanced with applying moderate risk. It is a predominantly performance-oriented strategy, and mid and long-term results are prevailing over a volume-generating approach. Please note: JFD Basket Strategy’s past performance is not indicative of future results.



JFD Basket Strategy is a sophisticated and risk-adjusted system that aims to catch positive market trends and balance long-term performance with the investor’s risk appetite. It was invented as a unique revenue model that can overcome fluctuations in the market.



Return Statistics
Return since inception 50.76%
Annualized performance 14.66%
Yield to maturity 15.73%
One year rolling return 15.73%
Average monthly return 1.25%
Highest monthly return 12.91%
Lowest monthly return -4.91%
Risk Statistics  
Annualized Standard deviation 11.82%
Monthly Standard deviation 4.68%
Maximum Drawdown -8.04%
Maximum time off peak 4 Months
% of positive months 60.61%