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The JFD Sales Trading desk provides access to all types of investment instruments available across markets, as well as to closed pools of liquidity.

As our privileged client, you will have at your disposal a team of specialised traders, executing your orders in the most favourable conditions according to best execution policy, striving to maximise your returns, and making sure to deliver first class and fast-rate execution services across all asset classes and international markets.

In addition, you will also have access to our investment specialists’ global knowledge and views, as well as to a broad range of investment tools and solutions that shall facilitate the development of your investment strategy.

Global Equities

We are able to execute transactions on all regulated equity markets and have a direct access to main US and EMEA stock exchanges. Our trading floor allows us to assure a continuous service. We tend to use trading execution algorithms for large-sized orders such as TWAP and VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price transaction realised at a price corresponding to the balanced average price obtained over a given period of time).


We cover CFDs on all asset classes such as global equities, market indices, commodities, bonds, futures, and offer a fast and reliable execution on all types of listed ETFs.


Organised in several sections (government & corporate bonds, convertible, emerging, illiquid), our bond traders do not just execute transactions, but may also provide advice and analysis on a selection of securities.


Directly participating in the interbank foreign exchange market, we offer our customers ultra-low latency execution benefits coupled with ultra-competitive prices for their transactions in currencies. Our range of services includes cash transactions and, ultimately, operations negotiated by mutual agreement ( OTC) as well as forward contracts. The provision of all related technical analysis is also a part of our service.

Options and futures (listed or standardized contracts)

Our traders specialise in listed products and can assure continuous execution for options or futures contracts negotiated on the organized markets. We take care of margin requirements as well as settlements of all transactions.

Structured products

We offer both standardised products as well as tailor-made. For tailor-made solutions please refer to  Wealth Advisory Services, while our Brokerage Trading Desk Services are accessible on an Execution Only or Advisory Basis.

Would you wish to use our Wealth Advisory Services, our Trade Recommendations list will offer valuable insights when placing orders through our Execution Only Brokerage Trading Desk.

For more information regarding our Execution Only Brokerage Trading Desk services and fees involved, please contact Your Support.