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As a Corporate client with a need to hedge your FX exposure to reduce exchange rate risk of underlying commercial transactions, you can receive physical delivery of FX.

At JFD Wealth we offer an efficient, low-cost trading and settlement solution with full transparency and competitive spreads.

Reducing Exchange Rate Risk

  • Corporates with a need to buy or sell currencies – for example import companies that buy goods abroad and resell them domestically – face a currency exposure. Such a currency exposure related to import operations can be hedged.
  • JFD Wealth allows corporates trading goods and services to trade FX Spot and FX Forwards in real-time at competitive spreads, with physical delivery of currencies.

Excellence in Trade Execution and Full Transparency

  • Committed to Best Execution and Transparency standards, you may benefit from optimal pricing and speed of execution at low slippage rates.
  • You can have direct access to trading Spot FX in more than 60 FX crosses, as well as direct access to FX Forwards.
  • We offer FX Spot and Forwards in combinations of the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HUF, JPY, NOK, PLN, SEK & USD.

Tailor-Made Solutions

  • We take a real interest in your foreign currency exposure, by understanding your requirements, time frames and costing levels, so that we can pro-actively inform you of fluctuations within the market.
  • We aim to protect your profit margins and we understand how movements within the market can drastically affect your bottom line.
  • We tailor solutions to your individual requirements, through a simple, fast and cost-effective strategy to minimise potential losses.