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Here at JFD Wealth, our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you in structuring your wealth while building it, preserving it, as well as transferring it to the next generation smoothly and seamlessly. In doing so, our calling is to deliver a cost effective and secure access to the financial markets packaged into a variety of world-class services and products to suit your most sophisticated needs.

You can draw valuable support in the day-to-day management of your investments by consulting our dedicated team of experts leveraging from their extensive hands-on experience and technical knowledge of the financial markets. They are ready to  assist you in every step of the way to identify opportunities, decide on crucial strategic issues, overcome challenges, enhance growth, manage risk, in the most time and cost efficient manner.

Whatever the market conditions, our aim is to ensure that your portfolio is always at the right place at the right time.

Manage Your Wealth

Whatever your needs are, we will guide and assist you in structuring the portfolio selection process by offering a wide spectrum of investment styles, alternatives and product ideas, to help you manage your wealth in the most efficient, reliable, cost effective, yet sophisticated manner.

With the support of our expert professionals team, you can enjoy the benefit  of top technology investment alternatives combined with personalised service.

Transfer Your Wealth

We go a step beyond and offer you valuable guidance with respect to identifying sound financial planning techniques that can be used to financially strengthen the next generation.

There are a number of financial planning techniques to enable smooth transition of your wealth with varying degrees of sophistication and complexity, depending on your specific needs.  Some of these techniques aim to satisfy estate planning objectives, while others can assist in minimising the tax liabilities imposed on the donor or future generations.

Find Expertise for Your Family Office

While family relationships are often complex, you can draw from our expertise to offer in-depth, yet straightforward financial solutions to your clients, including investment management, wealth planning,  sales trading, tailor-made structures, family office banking.
We offer you the right tools to assist you in meeting your clients’ most challenging needs, by providing:  

  • Comprehensive solutions to automate your post trade investment across a wide spectrum of financial products,  as well as reporting and accounting process
  • Clear insight into your investment strategies as well as resulting accounting treatments
  • Seamless communication to ensure a strong long-lasting relationship with your Family Office clients.

Address Specific Needs Tailored to Specific Requirements

In today’s complex business world, your personal finances may be closely bound to the performance of the corporations you run. Quite often your business activities may require holding large amounts of money in various currencies and in the volatile environment that you must operate, you are potentially exposed to a high degree of risk during unusual events that trigger sudden currency movements.

Our expert team is here to help you hedge currency risk and steer your investment portfolio as well as business assets away from realising unwanted losses, by offering tailor-made, cost effective solutions through derivative products such as

  • FX Options
  • Forward Contracts
  • Currency Swaps

Reportings and Reviews

We provide regular investment reviews, market commentaries, investment performance reports, market values and cash flows of your portfolio.