Wealth Management for All

Our calling is to deliver sophisticated retail investors a non-discriminatory, cost effective and risk-averse access to the financial markets through an array of products and services typically reserved to the Private Banking client base elite. We intend to fill the gap between Private Banks, Asset Managers and Independent Financial Advisors, bringing the best of all worlds under JFD's 360° Operational Excellence.


Unique Investment Solutions

JFD Basket Multi-strategy A was developed to manage and diversify risk using different FX and CFD instruments. It uses various trading strategies so that it can easily adapt to changes in the quick and dynamic financial markets. The strategy consists of more than 10 short- and long-term trading styles developed and managed by automated systems, a professional team of proprietary traders and experienced risk managers with a proven track record.

Basket Strategy & Other Quants

Experts at Your Service

Available at your very own service and joining forces from prestigious financial institutions such as HSBC Private Bank, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale CIB, Robecco AM or the Kyte Group, to name a few, our trail-blazing team is composed of world-class Private Banking, Asset Management, Quants and Research professionals, with one focus in mind: building successful and enduring client relationships.